Action Plan


I currently work part time as a Care Coordinator for a state grant project.  As a Care Coordinator, part of your job is to create an Action Plan or Care Plan for the patient and/or family.  Creating Action Plans have taught me a  lot about holding yourself and others accountable in order to meet your established goals.  The following is what it takes to meet the goals within the Action Plan. 

1. Write your goal down and the date you created your goal. Be specific and list your desired end date.
2. Write down your action steps to meet your established goal and responsible parties.
3. Take action.
4. Monitor your progress.
5. Evaluate your progress. If you need to revise your goal or action steps, do so and start over until your goal is met.

If you want to see a good example of an Action Plan, check out this link.  Transition Action Plan  This particular form is from Got Transition and it is a leader in medical home improvement in health care.  The form is applicable for teens transitioning from pediatric to adult care, but this form could be a way to have a quick visual of personal goals to.  You can create a form similar to this to have on hand when you have a new goal you want to achieve. 


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