Why organize?


Organizing should be a top priority for everyone, if it is not.  Let’s look at the reasons that people don’t organize.

1. Excuses, Excuses: From “I have no time” to “I don’t need to.” The list grows  when people decide organization is not important to them.  I’ve heard people even use money as an excuse and some of the most unorganized individuals say they don’t need organization because they know exactly where everything is.  Can we say “Get Real!” 

2. Change: The thought of change makes some people become fearful, defensive, and uneasy. 

3. Laziness: Let’s be honest here, there are many people that are just plain LAZY.  If that is you, I’m sorry that I may be the first to open your eyes to this, but only you have the power to change that about yourself.

4. Other People: Sometimes we can organize most areas of our life just fine, but often our lifestyles are connected to others.  Let’s say our home for an example:  You may keep it organized and clean, but those wonderful kids just keep making it hard for you.  This can happen at home, the work place, and other places.  It’s ok.

All those reasons could be categorized under excuses, but I thought breaking them up would shed more light for some people that struggle with organizing skills. Now that we’ve discussed some reasons why people don’t organize, let’s see why it is important. 

 1. Time: Being organized allows you to have more time.  You spend less time trying to find things you need. 

2. Money:  Think about all the things in your home or work space that clutters your life.  How much money do you spend on items you don’t really need?  When you start organizing, you can sell things to make money and stop buying things to save money.  You may also save a lot of money by not loosing thing and then buying them because you can’t find them!

3. Space: If you have too many items and are not organized, chances are that you will eventually run out of space.  This causes a problem with either buying more space or using spaced that is already used.

4. Stress: You may not realize this, but not everyone enjoys other people’s clutter.  If you are at work it may secretly cause some negative moral simply because of your clutter.  If you are at home then it can cause friction, anger, and resentment. It can cause stress in your life everyday and you may not even realize it.  You may have convinced yourself that you are ok with your clutter, but deep down you can’t stand that about yourself.  All because of disorganization.

5. Confidence: When you have things organized in your life then you have more control of your life and you gain confidence in yourself.  There is a sense of accomplishment and pride that will overtake you when you gain control over your disorganization. 

Hope these outlooks can help someone.  Get started today and change your life!


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