One thing that I am sure we can all agree on, is that everyone has thought about their purpose in life at some point.  Most of the time we get so focused on “finding” our purpose that we loose sight of just living fulfilled.  I love to read and have read many different ideas regarding purpose.  Let’s take a look at some views out there and see if we can relate.

  • Billy Graham- He says that knowing God and being friends with him forever is our purpose.  His specific purpose:  “My one purpose in life is to help people find a personal relationship with God, which, I believe, comes through knowing Christ.”
  • Tony Robbins- He believes that purpose gives you the drive to create the outcome you desire.   He believes it is the reason why you wish to accomplish something/have a certain outcome or have a certain result.
  • Mother Teresa-  Her definition of purpose can be found in her actions.  I like one of her quotes,  “A life not lived for others is not a life.”
  • Steve Pavlina- He said,  to live consciously and courageously, to resonate with love and compassion, to awaken the great spirits within others, and to leave this world in peace.” 

Those are just some people that discuss their meaning of purpose.  After reviewing these meanings, I believe that each person describes purpose based on their belief and their passions.   Billy Graham mentions the relationship with God (Famous evangelical preacher), Tony Robbins says your reason behind your desired outcome is purpose (His career is based on creating quick results/outcomes), Mother Teresa states that life isn’t living if not for others (she fed the hungry, clothed the naked) and Steve Pavlina has a combination of ideas (writer/blogger).

So, here are my thoughts:  Purpose is what the bible says, we are designed uniquely to glorify God.   So, how do we glorify God?  We do all the things listed above.  We become friends with God, we have compassion for others, we live consciously, we live to make a difference in the world and in others.  All people are unique and have purpose.  If you notice, each unique ability makes the difference in the idea of purpose.

Mother Teresa wouldn’t necessarily be great at writing blogs, but could be the topic of a great blog that Steve could write.  Steve may not be able to rapidly help you change your life-like Tony, but he may be able to offer information to help.  Billy Graham may not be called to coach an individual like Tony, but preach to the thousands through ministry.   

I believe that our purpose is to make the best of each day, focusing on God, and things will naturally just happen.  We tend to over-think and analyze things that don’t even need to be analyzed.  Life is life and if we waste time searching for that ONE purpose then we may just miss out on MANY great things.  Things that may just be right in alignment with our purpose; even though we may not realize it at the moment.  Is that a way to live?  To waste precious time when we could simply get up, be thankful for what we have, expect greatness, grow constantly and share with others.  

Again, the three words I live by are learn, grow, and share.  I believe that these three principles allow room for purpose to naturally flow through our life.  I don’t want to waste time over-thinking something that can naturally take place.  My prayer is that you will have  peace about your purpose in life and that you will learn to share your uniqueness with the world.  


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