Make a List!


Today we are going to discuss reasons why making a lists can help us become more productive.  Some people believe that making lists are simply a waste of time; thinking too much instead of acting.  Sure,  this can be true if u allow it to happen.  I’ve heard some say that lists are nonsense because of our focus is spent too much on the tasks and not the outcome or results.

After reading how some feel so strongly against making lists, I decided to test their theories out.  Here is what I found that works for me:  I write down my list on things to do, then group them in to categories (chores, family stuff, errands,etc.) Then I look at my list and see which task I can do quickly or have someone else do, I don’t spend more than 15 minutes creating my lists.

I do believe it’s important to see your “why” or desired outcomes when creating your list. In order to keep my desired outcomes a focus point, I make a top 3-5 MITs (most important things).  Those other opinions about wasting time and focus is true, but only if you allow it.  Lists can be a huge help when it comes to productivity.  So, don’t listen to those lists critics.


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