Invisible Barriers


What makes us not live out our dreams?  What places fears in front of our desires?

I believe it has something to do with invisible barriers.

You may have heard the worUntitled-1ds before, but do you ever truly sit down and think it through?  Invisible barriers basically can stop you from great things in your life or it can protect you.  Let’s face the fact that sometimes we actually talk ourselves out of confronting issues in our life because it’s easier to just not deal with it.  I will talk about myself for a moment as an example.  After thinking for a while and soul-searching, I figured out that I create more than I thought.   Let’s start with something as simple as coordinating a chore chart in my lifestyle.  Okay, I know you are thinking this is dumb… but seriously it’s sometimes the little things.

Here is the situation: I am a busy lady and I come home to a disaster (OCD by the way) to clean up.  It get’s frustrating because it seems there is no end.  I created a chore chart a while back and I would implement it then stop.  However, it takes time to create new habits and I just gave up.  I complain because there isn’t enough time in the day, but yet I don’t really try to really get the most out of the time I do spend cleaning because I have no rhyme or reason to it.  I just run around like a chicken with its head cut off.  I don’t really think about it the same as business tasks and projects.

The truth is that I should put just as much thought into cleaning as I do my other duties.  Why?  Because my home is my heart.  I need things to run smooth at home where I have more control than at the office.  Business is so unpredictable and sometimes things come your way that you just have to deal with.  Yes, it does happen at home as well, but we should have more control at our homes.  I see now that although I don’t want to think about cleaning, I have to in order to create the vision I have for my life.  This is a barrier that I have created.  Instead of following the chart and schedule; I just complain that I can’t get it all done.  Or it may not work perfectly everyday and any other excuse I come up with.  So, how do we get rid of those barriers?

The following steps are what you can do to remove barriers.

 The example below will be base on my cleaning!

1) Decide what we want.  Be specific.

I simply want a clean house and don’t want it taking forever to complete.  I don’t want to do everything in one day and I don’t want to do it all by myself. (Can a girl get’s some help around this place? Geesh!)

2) Figure out why we don’t have what we want.

I don’t schedule a certain time for cleaning, therefore it can carry over until all times of the night.  I do it most myself or at least feel that way.  I never fully implemented my chore chart.  I feel it’s useless to try because my day always changes and what if the chart isn’t perfect even after implementing it?

3) Analyze your above answers and give a solution.

I can make a schedule, just need to do it.  I can give my kid responsibilities and husband a few things to help out with as well.  I will hold myself accountable to really giving this chore chart thing a REAL chance.  (at least 2-3 weeks to create a new habit) It’s okay if I get off track a day or two.  It’s alright if it isn’t perfect, I can certainly adjust it if needed.

4)Take the steps needed to get your solution.

I go to my computer (Excel) and create a chore chart meeting all my wants.  I am sure to add hubby and son to the list to give me more time.  (delegate some tasks if you can) Print that bad boy out and BAM, I am creating a lifestyle I want.  It may be just one small step, but that one step can go a long ways in building our moral, confidence, trust, etc.

We tend to just procrastinate, creating many of our own barriers without even realizing it.  Sure sometimes there are obstacles in our way and there are things we simply can’t control.  However, we can decide not to make excuses and not to live in fear.  Another example is a friend that is miserable at her job, but yet she stays.  She talks to me all the time about her unhappiness, but she does nothing.  Why?  It’s because she creates barriers not meaning to.  She makes excuses that she may not be able to find a job as flexible as what she has now.  I think she also is just fearful of change.  Change is hard and very rarely is it simple.  I told her that she has to believe in herself and she said that she does.  Yet, she remains working a job where she is not valued and is unhappy with her pay.

She is scared of the unknown and that is fine to feel a little intimidated by what we don’t know.  It’s called uncertainty.  However, if she would just truly believe in herself and get rid of that fear by believing her job is out there waiting for her then she would be so much happier. She would develop a sense of certainty that she would get a job that she would be happy at.  We give up on our dreams all the time because of our own invisible barriers and many we create.  I say, let’s knock down the walls and build our life the way God desires for us to live it.  Full of joy, prosperity, peace, and rest.


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