Wasted Time


When you are working, do you ever feel like you’re wasting time?  Are you bored or feel you could be doing something better?  Well, I challenge you to write down why you feel that way.  The reason I want you to write it down is to help clarify the problem so you can figure out a solution.

I deal with other people’s problems all the time and it can be quite boggling sometimes.  Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love helping others, but sometimes it can slap wear you out mentally!  I think many times we just get our focus off of what we truly need to accomplish the day then start doing just whatever to fill in the time.

This is where the wasted time comes in.  Instead of feeling productive, we feel like we are getting nothing accomplished.  The funny thing is that we may do some small task to get us closer to our most important tasks (MIT) but still don’t meet our MITs at the end of the day.  Now, if we were working towards dreams then a small step may be better than no step.  However, we are talking things that must get done and many MITs have deadlines.  So, what should we do to get those MITs done?  I only set 3 max a day, but still find myself getting pulled into the information tornado.

An information tornado is something I just came up with by btw.  Its when you have information coming from everywhere and you are roaming around everywhere.  We have email, telephones, televisions, mail, the internet, and other forms of communication that constantly distract us if we allow it. One thing that helps me not to waste my precious time is to plan my MITs the night before. I know before I even head to work what my outcomes will be for the day. I encourage you to stop wasting time and zone into your desired outcomes. Be sure before you leave your job that you accomplish exactly what you wanted to the night before.


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