Time Out!


Work, work,work….its what we all do.  However, it can became physically and mentally draining. Do you take time outs in the game? One thing I am learning more everyday is to give myself time outs. I don’t just mean a small break, but rather time to clear thoughts, put aside work for fun and enjoy life.  Sometimes I’ve noticed that if I get overwhelmed with things going on in my life, I can go out with a friend for coffee, get a pedicure, go shopping, paint, write, play a game with my son, it does wonders for my attitude and my outlook on the tasks ahead of me.

We have so much going on that we let go of what matters and that is to ENJOY life. So, I challenge you to put down the laptop, iPad, phone, etc.  And go play, have some fun and recharge.  See that when you get back to the work/projects that your outlook will change and your productivity through the roof! Love, peace, and blessings.