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God Dismantled Me….


That’s right, God did it. He completely dismantled me.  Everything I once was and believed I was, was completely wrong and caused more pain than I should have allowed.  God didn’t create me to live in chaos, fear, regret, shamefulness, bitterness, or anger. He created me to be love and to give him glory.

Instead I decided to go “my way” and failed terribly at making “my way” at all. .  I straight STUNK at driving the car of life all on my own. Just like when you drive a car, you really need someone to show you what you should and shouldn’t do.  That is exactly what God’s Word does.  It tells us what we should and shouldn’t do.  This instruction manual (the B-I-B-LE) isn’t there to down us or make us feel we are not capable, but rather explain how capable we are and how much power we really have over darkness.  We are the light of the world and we need to let it shine.

If people can’t lean on you to listen, pray, give them a hug, or a word of encouragement then where will they turn?  I can tell you where they will turn; to things that they were not created for. Things that will eventually destroy them spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  He created us with a purpose and uniquely.  Many times I didn’t see myself , life or others the way he did, nor did I try to see things his way.  After he broke me apart, I finally could see he was always there.  EVEN in my darkest days.  Let me clarify what I mean when I say he dismantled me or broke me apart.  I mean that God was there, I released myself to him and he is now inside me.  Strange as it may sound, it’s that easy to live how you were designed.  As an artist (favorite hobby ever!) I am inspired by everything he created. For instance, the trees, the ocean, the birds, babies/children, the sky, and even the creepy crawly things.  How cool is life.   AMAZING

Every single day is a journey, but I am understanding more how much he truly loves me.  It’s true he loves me, but he loves you too.  How many times do we ever think about dismantling our belief system and take a look at what we were created for?  We all have a desire to know our unique purpose in life and long for something we can’t physically see.  However, do we ever look hard enough to find God?  Do we look in the mirror long enough to see that we are wonderfully made?  Do we believe we are the apple of God’s eyes?  Do we care enough about what he created including, the earth and those thought to be the “scum of the earth”?

It’s easy to love those that love us, but it’s not so easy to love those that hate us without Christ.  Allow God to dismantle you, I dare you.

Heavy Laden?

Heavy Laden

Heavy Laden

Has life ever got you down?  I am sure at some point in your life the answer would be yes.  I certainly have had moments that I just was not sure what to think or do.  However, I find peace when I turn to my savior.  The bible says in Matthew Matthew 11:28 – Come unto me, all [ye] that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (  This scripture gives me such a peace!  When we feel down it’s ok because rest will come our way.

It is important to realize we are humans and it’s inevitable that we will get tired.  When we get tired, the important thing is to lean on Christ.  Don’t allow your troubles to have power over you and beat you down.  Allow your mind and body to rest.  You may think you can’t rest during such a burdensome time, but you can.  You just have to trust God and know that everything in life is for a season.  This hardship, burden, trouble will not last forever.

I think a bigger issue is that you can’t help others if you are burdened with life’s issues.  You must release, let things go and give it to the one that can do something about your situation.  Funny how we think we have it all under control.  We don’t, we can manage at times.  However, we are far from having it all figured out.  The scripture above tells me that God knows we will get tired and burdened at times.  It’s life, but we can find rest in him.  How awesome is it to know we can rest and not be heavy laden anymore!!

Please rest on the arms of your spiritual father and know he’s got this.


Body Change


It’s the new year and everyone wants to get their body in shape.  Hit the gym and lose the pounds, right? Well, the real reason to take care of your body is because it’s the way we were created. We were created with a purpose. We must take care of our spiritual self and our physical self.  I don’t want to hear excuses, seriously. We all have reasons why we don’t take care of our bodies.  It’s time to change that. Starting small is OK if that’s what it takes.

I’m sure you’ve noticed after you workout you feel refreshed. Maybe a bit tired, but hey “no pain, no gain.” I’ve implemented a few things in my routine to create a healthier lifestyle. First, I make smoothies and although it’s been hard finding the smoothies I actually love….I’m trying. Another thing I have done is up the vitamins. Spirulina, collagen, b6, calcium,  d3, and the list goes on.  I also requested a fitbit for Christmas and my hubby got it for me!  Now, I am monitoring my steps, calories and making fitness goals. In order to feel good we must live in alignment with the way we are designed. It’s obvious that physical health and spiritual health can effect each other. If we neglect one, the other knows it. It is our responsibility to take care the body, mind and spirit we have.

Although you may take small steps compared to others, you have to start somewhere. Let’s be a healthier, happier person this year.

Learn, Grow, then Share!

Can I really help you?


The question most of us want to know, is there someone out there can help us.  Help guide us, give us advise, a new perspective, and the list goes on.  However, the question we should ask is how can we help ourselves. We can read all the books, test all of our questions, buy all the software and systems that promise us results, but if we are not truly sold on the idea and believe we can change then progress will be minimal at best.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but honesty is the best policy. I can tell you that nothing I say or teach can be done without your self effort. The ball is in your court.  You have to be the one to make a decision.  It is kind of like when you go to church and your preacher has a sermon that speaks volumes to you.  After you leave church, you feel alive and it gets you motivated for the rest of the day.  The next morning you wake up you feel like crap. We have to encourage ourselves. When you’re a baby and you’re learning to crawl it’s great to have mom’s help and encouragement, but at some point you have to stand up and walk alone.

Today’s task is for us to do just that. Listen to the encouragement of others, read those books, test the questions and methods out there, but most of all hold yourself accountable. We must be confident in our abilities with or without the resources that others provide to us. I do my best to share things that have helped me and I pray that these things will help you, but its only helped me because I have a genuine desire to change my life.  I have confidence that I can change my results.

One mistake I see too often is when teachers and coaches think they can shape you into the person they feel is the “best” you.  Another mistake is they think they can make you who you want to be (as if they know who you really want to be). Only you know the real you and only you know who you want to really be. Yes, we that coach can make notes, council you, guide you, push you in a direction if we need to, but it is you that can be in agreement or disagreement.  If you find a mentor, coach, or teacher that can help you develop and grow…that’s great! As long as you are the one making the decisions. You have to lead your life change not others.

Can I change you? I can, if you allow me to. Change can sometimes have a negative connotation to it, but in reality change can be a wonderful thing. It’s important that we consistanty allow room for change in our life.  Maybe we think we’re having no problems whatsoever and life is good.  However, what is life without growth? Think about it for a moment. Now, picking up the mirror….

Can you help you?